About Our Surveying Services

Mike Schmidt, PLS

Survey Manager

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Some of the work our surveying section performs:

Boundary Surveys (Record of Surveys): Boundary Determination / Resolution; Locates: Encroachments (Adverse Possession); Rural / Section Subdivision / Retracement

  • Topographic Surveys: Residential, Commercial & Industrial Development; Route Survey; Wetland Mitigation Mapping; Flood Plain Mapping

  • Plats: Preliminary; Final

  • Subdivisions: Short Plats; Long Plats; Large Lot Subdivisions

  • Binding Site Plans; Water Front Mapping; Planned Unit Developments; Boundary Line Adjustments (may also be called B.L.A. or BLA); Legal Descriptions, Easements and exhibits; DNR Aquatic Lease Agreement Surveys; Condominium Surveys; A.L.T.A. Surveys or ALTA Surveys; As-Built Surveys; Route and Right-of-Way Surveys; F.E.M.A. Elevation Certificates & L.O.M.A. Applications; FEMA Elevation Certificates & LOMA Applications; Aerial Mapping and Planning Services; GPS Surveys; Construction Staking; Consultations

  • Highlights of Our Latest Survey Projects

    AGP Grain Loading Facility Expansion Project

    Berglund, Schmidt & Associates (BSA) was selected to provide Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services.

    The Land Surveying has included topographic and utility surveying for design and construction staking for all the facilities.

    Since BSA's office is only minutes away from the project site, we are able to provide quick and cost effective services as requested, thus allowing the contractor to better schedule his activities.

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    Port of Grays Harbor Rail Improvement Project

    Following meetings with the RailPros, Inc. team, a route was identified and survey limits were established. BSA then performed the following tasks:

    Provided a project specific itemized vertical control network tied to existing PGH survey control
    Requested one-call utility locates and a private locate as needed
    Reviewed and checked utility markings with available record utility drawings
    Performed field mapping for the topographic survey
    All field work was transferred to the computer, checked, and was then drafted using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009
    Once the drafting was checked in the field, it was emailed to RailPros, Inc. for design

    Additional tasks were:
    • Coordinating with on-going construction activities at the Port
    • Assisting RailPros, Inc. with ensuring the adjoining WSDOT SR520 Pontoon Construction Site design work was compatible with the rail design.

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    Past Survey Projects

    A short list of recent projects.

    About our Project Folders, above...

    In an effort to better explain some of the work we perform at Berglund Schmidt, we've developed short project note files and made them available to those visiting the website.

    If you would like additional information about a project, or would like to consult with us regarding your own project, we encourage you to send us an e-mail at the link provided, below.

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